Being a tween, that is, being 8-to-12 years old, isn’t easy—it’s the twilight of childhood where you find yourself set on a path toward self-identity and independence, a time when kids start making more choices for themselves, casting the mold of their future, adult self.

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That transitionary period means that tweens have outgrown “little kids stuff,” but aren’t yet ready for products made for teens or adults, a dilemma that Target chose to address with their first-ever cross-category brand aimed at tween girls called More Than Magic, inviting design agency COLLINS to develop and launch the new 500-item brand.

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COLLINS found inspiration in the broad meaning of what it means to be “girly,” creating a brand identity that is open enough to empower tween girls to define the word for themselves. More Than Magic also seeks to champion girls as they are and who they want to be while celebrating the resilient imagination that serves as a source of strength at this formidable age.

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The brand’s visual identity is bold, vibrant, colorful, and sparkly. Imagery includes cuddly animals like smiling sloths, fantastical beasts like unicorns, as well as skateboards, rainbows, stars, diamonds, and hearts. More Than Magic also uses fun typography to deliver positive messages like “always be kind,” “awesome,” and “dream big.” Overall, the branding speaks to girls, rather than at them, the former of which is in short supply in a typical tween’s life.

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More Than Magic launched this past summer with apparel, beauty, stationery, and tech accessories that you can find in Target now.

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