Target Launches New Discount Brand, Smartly

You stop into Target for some dog food and deodorant, and maybe you’ll take a gander at that wicker donut holder Chip and Joanna Gaines are hawking. But the kiddos need more snacks for their lunches, and you kind of just want to feel the towels because they’re new and soft and you’ve forgotten what that feels like. Also, underwear.

Three hours and two pumpkin spice lattes later—tis’ the season Y’all—and you’re out three hundred bucks.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

Well, your best pal Target wants to be a little kinder to your wallet, and they’ve introduced their latest private brand, Smartly. With more than 70 everyday items like body lotion, dish soap, paper plates and shaving cream, the new brand is targeted at budget-conscious shoppers.

Best of all, most of the products cost less than $2.

For a budget brand, the private label designed internally by Target Creative pops right off the shelf and into your crimson chariot/cart.

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It’s another bold move by the Happiest Place on Earth™, one that, according to them, brings all the joys of bulk shopping without all the bulk or angry baby boomers looking for free samples of peanut butter filled pretzels at Costco.“Where we see white space and an opportunity to bring Target’s guests something differentiated, we’ll go for it,” said Target’s executive vice president and chief merchandising officer Mark Tritton in a press release.

Editorial photograph
Editorial photograph

“The introduction of Smartly to our owned brand portfolio is another example of how we are listening to consumers and bringing them differentiated solutions to make their lives easier,” he adds. “Smartly is affordable, looks great and most importantly, gets the job done.”

Smartly is set to hit Target shelves and online October 14th, with new products introduced through the upcoming year.

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